La Graciosa Island

Located in the heart of the Chinijo archipelago, La Graciosa is an insular gem belonging to the Canary Islands, in the province of Las Palmas. This island, which is also part of the municipality of Teguise in Lanzarote, lies to the northwest of Lanzarote, separated by the strait locally known as “El río” and at a close distance from the African continent.

Spanning nearly 29 square kilometers, La Graciosa is home to two charming towns: La Caleta del Sebo and Pedro Barba. Despite its small size, the island houses approximately 700 inhabitants, making it the least densely populated of the Canary Islands. Its economy revolves around fishing and tourism. La Graciosa was recognized as part of the Canary Islands under the crown of the Kingdom of Castile and León.

For those looking to immerse themselves in local culture, there’s a variety of bars and restaurants serving delicious native dishes, highlighting fresh fish and seafood. Regarding accommodation, tourist apartments with kitchens are predominant. The only way to reach La Graciosa is by sea, with a daily ferry from Órzola in Lanzarote, or by renting a private boat.

Recommendation: La Graciosa is best enjoyed on foot or by bicycle. You can rent one in La Caleta de Sebo.

The island boasts spectacular beaches, each with its unique charm. Dive into its waters and discover an impressive marine biodiversity.

Notable beaches:

  • Playa de las Conchas
  • Playa Francesa

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