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Discover Lanzarote, a gem among the eight Canary Islands, with a fascinating volcanic origin and a mysterious history. Historians believe the name ‘Lanzarote’ dates back to the 14th-century Italian merchant, Lancelotto Malocello, who ventured to this enchanting island. Nestled in the Atlantic Ocean and just 140 km from the southern coast of Morocco, Lanzarote’s unique subtropical climate offers an average temperature of 24ºC, making it a paradise all year round. As of the 2022 census, the island of Lanzarote has a resident population of 156,112 inhabitants on an area of 845.93km. Source:

As an autonomous region of Spain and part of the European Union, Lanzarote has implemented rigorous safety measures and regulations, ensuring a safe visit for all travelers. The island’s stunning natural landscapes and national parks are carefully preserved, with large portions protected by UNESCO. These protection efforts highlight the locals’ conscious efforts to respect and care for Lanzarote’s natural resources.

The soul of Lanzarote can be found in the works of local artist, painter, and architect César Manrique. His profound influence on the island during the 70s, 80s, and 90s led to the creation of fascinating spaces that blend harmoniously with Lanzarote’s natural beauty. This distinctive style earned Manrique both local and international recognition.

Tourism, being the cornerstone of Lanzarote’s modern economy, has not only attracted countless visitors but also stimulated the growth of other sectors. Immerse yourself in the island’s flourishing art scene, explore its historical landmarks, and savor its gastronomic delights, all while enveloping yourself in the charm and hospitality of the locals.

Lanzarote’s Malvasia wines are not only the pride of the island but have also consistently won international awards. These wines, known for their light, fruity flavor and dry, crisp finish, are the perfect pairing for Lanzarote’s traditional seafood cuisine. Once you’ve tasted, we guarantee you’ll be seeking out these world-class local wines during your vacation and beyond.

Lanzarote is particular in all aspects, especially in climatic and weather conditions, with an average subtropical climate of 24ºC, an ideal climate all year round to enjoy its warm and paradisiacal beaches and volcanoes.

The diverse natural landscapes and National Parks available on the island are part of a wide area protected by UNESCO and represent the island’s inhabitants’ awareness of respect and conservation of natural resources and the environment. As you tour the island, look around and notice all the efforts made to preserve the landscapes and natural appeal of Lanzarote. For example, littering is considered a serious offense, as is wasting water during your vacation.

Interestingly, the volcanic eruptions that once wreaked havoc on the island turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The islanders’ remarkable ability to transform adversity into opportunity has led to the development of their famous wine industry. Their tenacity is exemplified in their wines, which are slowly making their way from local shops to the broader European market.

Come and visit Lanzarote, explore an island that has not only embraced its unique circumstances but has flourished through them. Its intriguing past and vibrant present promise a future full of exciting potential. With its magnificent landscapes, rich culture, award-winning wines, and sustainable development, Lanzarote is truly a destination unlike any other.

Cesar Manrique

Lanzarote reflects the magical touch of local artist, painter, architect César Manrique, who was very influential in the development of the island during the 70s, 80s, and 90s, his work consisted of creating spaces that integrate with the island’s natural landscape, earning international and local recognition.

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