Wines of Lanzarote: A Volcanic Odyssey

Lanzarote emerges not only as a haven for sun-seekers but also as a sanctuary for wine aficionados eager to delve into flavours that are truly unparalleled. The island’s distinctive volcanic soil, coupled with its innovative viticultural techniques, crafts a range of wines that are as unique as the landscape from which they hail. Embark with us on a captivating journey through the wine regions of Lanzarote, unveiling the varietals that define this extraordinary terroir.

The Essence of Lanzarote’s Terroir

Understanding Lanzarote’s wine magic begins with its terroir. The island’s volcanic past, notably the 18th-century eruptions, blanketed the landscape in “picón,” a type of volcanic ash that plays a pivotal role in vine hydration and growth amidst scant rainfall. The traditional cultivation method here involves creating “hoyos,” or pits, in the ash to reach the fertile soil below, with stone walls encircling the vines for wind protection. This intricate process yields grapes of exceptional concentration and flavour.

The Crown Jewel: Malvasía Volcánica

At the forefront of Lanzarote’s wine scene is the Malvasía Volcánica grape, a resilient hybrid that thrives in the island’s rugged conditions. Producing a spectrum of wines from dry to sweet, Malvasía Volcánica is celebrated for its mineral-rich profile, adorned with floral and fruity nuances that mirror the volcanic essence of its origin. You can shop the wine here

Dry Malvasía: A Harmony of Aromas

Dry Malvasía wines enchant with their crispness and aromatic complexity, offering a refreshing acidity that pairs splendidly with seafood. Their palate is a mosaic of green apple, citrus, and exotic fruits, underpinned by a subtle mineral undertone.

Sweet Sensations: Semi-Sweet and Sweet Malvasía

For those with a penchant for the sweeter side, Lanzarote’s semi-sweet and sweet Malvasía wines are a sensory delight. Intense aromas of ripe stone fruits, honey, and nuts make these wines ideal for dessert pairings or as exquisite sippers on their own. You can buy here

Beyond Malvasía: Exploring Diversity

Lanzarote’s viticultural treasure trove extends beyond Malvasía, offering intriguing varietals like Listán Negro and Diego.

Listán Negro: The Red Gem

Listán Negro steps up as the island’s premier red grape, crafting wines that are both fruity and complex. Expect a palate of red berries and cherries with a spicy kick, all wrapped in the distinctive mineral cloak bestowed by the volcanic soil. Buy the best red wine from Lanzarote here

Diego: The White Rarity

Diego grapes yield white wines of notable acidity and mineral depth, featuring a symphony of citrus and herbal notes. Though less common, Diego wines represent the diversity and richness of Lanzarote’s wine portfolio.

Embracing Lanzarote’s Wine Culture

The island’s wineries, particularly in the La Geria region, offer immersive experiences for visitors, from tours to tastings, showcasing the unique viticulture that defines Lanzarote’s wines. Yet, the allure of these wines transcends geographical boundaries.

Bringing Lanzarote to You

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Why Choose Lanzarote’s Wines?

Opting for a bottle from Lanzarote is not just a choice for unparalleled taste but also a nod to the island’s winemaking legacy, marked by resilience and innovation. Each bottle narrates the story of Lanzarote’s unique landscape and the dedication of its winemakers.

The wines of Lanzarote offer more than just exquisite flavours; they invite you on an odyssey to one of the most fascinating wine regions globally. With the ease of online shopping, that journey is merely a click away. Raise a glass to the remarkable wines of Lanzarote, and remember to savour each sip responsibly. Buy your Lanzarote wine through affiliate partner’s website today and start your exploration of Lanzarote’s finest offerings from wherever you are in the world. Cheers to the volcanic marvels of Lanzarote!

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