Weird and Wonderful Creatures Lanzarote

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Whilst we don’t have too many strange creatures on the island and certainly very few, if any that are poisonous, we do have some beautiful looking species! Below are some of our favourite weird and wonderful creatures.

Death’s Head Hawkmoth/Cabeza de Muerto (Acherontia Atropos)

These months are easily identified by the human skull-shaped pattern on the thorax and were made famous by their appearance in the movie Silence of the Lambs. Apparently, people believe that if one of these flies in your home it will bring death and misfortune!
Weird and Wonderful Creatures Lanzarote Acherontia atropos MHNT

Shield Bug (Nezara viridula)

Bright green with a shield shaped body, these little guys are a pest that feed on fruit, crops and weeds.

Weird and Wonderful Creatures Lanzarote Nezara viridula2

Potter Wasp (Delta dimidiatipenne)

Commonly mistaken for a type of hornet, you will see a few of these on the island. They are aptly named ‘potter wasps’ because they build nests that look like a pottery jar.

Weird and Wonderful Creatures Lanzarote Delta dimiatipenne

Blind Albino Crabs (Munidopsis polymorpha)

Endemic to Lanzarote, these blind albino crabs are known locally as Jameitos and are found in the lava tube caves of the Jameos del Agua.

Atlantic Lizard (Gallotia atlantica)

One of the most commonly seen Lizards in Lanzarote, the Atlantic Lizard is endemic to the eastern Canary Islands. Their markings vary from blue or green patches or patterns along their flank.

Weird and Wonderful Creatures Lanzarote GallotiaAtlantica