Lanzarote your way

Lanzarote’s location does make it quicker and easier to fly to however there is another option, which is particularly useful if you are relocating or are travelling to other islands as part of your trip.

By air
Flights to Lanzarote operate regularly from most European countries, it is also possible to fly to mainland Spain and get an internal flight to Lanzarote. Lanzarote’s airport is Arrecife (ACE) Airport, which is located between Arrecife (the capital of the island) and Puerto del Carmen further south.
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By sea
There is a ferry from the Spanish harbour of Cádiz to Lanzarote, although it is quite a long trip and can get rough at times, so unless you really like travelling by sea (or you have a car to transport) you are probably better off travelling by air.
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There are also ferries between each of the islands, so if you’re thinking of a road trip, check out the ferries available from Lanzarote to the other islands.
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