Lanzarote volcano facts

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Interesting facts about Lanzarote’s volcanoes:

  1. The island, as well as others, emerged about 15 million years ago as a result of the break-up of the African and American continental plates
  2. Lanzarote is commonly known across the world as the ‘Island of Volcanoes’ and sometimes the ‘Island of 1,000 volcanoes’
  3. Lanzarote is a ‘shield’ volcano – a broad domed volcano with gently sloping sides
  4. The fissure eruptions in the 1730’s created 32 new volcanoe.
  5. Many lava tubes were created when molten lava continued flowing as the surface hardened, leading of tubes which go down under the Atlantic Ocean
  6. The longest lava tube in the world is in Lanzarote, the Tunel de La Atlantida stretches for over 7km and encompases La Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua
  7. You can see other lava tubes meeting the see at Los Hervideros (the boilers) near El Golfo
  8. The volcanoes in the Timanfaya Natural Park are still active and temperatures a mere 10 mtrs below the surface can reach a scorching 600°C
  9. Timanfaya has been the backdrop for blockbusters such as Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth and Journey to the Center of the Earth and popular television Doctor Who!

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