Lanzarote April 2017 – What’s on?

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Welcome to Lanzarote April 2017 – there is a range of local events and fiestas as well as some major sports events happening this month.

Traditional Dance Performances 4 April
Monutmento al Campesino from 2pm
FREE entry

Experience the local culture with a range of traditional Canarian dances performed by local folk groups.

Semana Santa 10-16 April
The week leading up to Easter when you’ll see processions through the streets of many of the villages and towns carrying sacred icons and religious statues.

Volcano Triathlon 29 April
Olympic distances: 1.5 km Swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run find out more

Teguise music showcase 8 April
Music «Made in Lanzarote», with a total of 11 bands that will play for 11 hours original creations (no versions), with a repertoire of at least 45 minutes, with the only condition of not having participated in previous editions of TMS. Sounds like a good Saturday Plan
Location: Teguise Village
Hour: From 12:30
find out more

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