Enjoying Lanzarote on a budget

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With the £/€ so low at the moment, and anticipated to be so for some time, we thought we’d put together some money saving ideas for your next holiday in Lanzarote.

Food & Drink
  • Sample the menu del dia in local restaurants, it is normally a three course meal with a drink included for under 10€.
  • There are some great farmers’ markets where you can pick up offering fresh local produce such as fruit & vegetables, cheese, bread and impressive local wines to make an excellent picnic to enjoy on a day out.
  • Try the sociedades and teleclubs (social clubs) in the smaller towns and villages, they offer great value food (often there is no menu) and drink.
  • Try Happy Hour in local bars (usually from 5-6pm) there’s often two-for-one and other discounts on offer

Whilst it is not standard to tip in Spain, and indeed many Spanish don’t, the following generally applies:

  • Drinks in a bar/cafe – loose change up to an amount you want to leave
  • Eating in a restaurant – if you enjoyed your meal it is normal to leave a tip of 10%
Getting around
  • Lanzarote is smaller than you think – you can drive from one end to the other in under an hour. There’s very little traffic, fuel is reasonably cheap (you won’t need much) and car hire can start from as little as 18€ per day.
  • Try travelling by bus it is efficient and cheap. If you have to ask for information about a bus the local word for bus is ‘guagua’ (sounds like wa wa)!
  • Consider hiring a bike – you’ll save money and the planet!

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Seeing the sights
  • Get out and walk the spectacular landscapes are free for all to see
  • Every month Lanzarote has many local events and fiestas, most of which are free. Keep an eye on our ‘What’s on’ section to help plan your visit.
  • Some tourist attractions and excursions offer discounts for children and families or advance booking – it is worth investigating.
  • Some of the local councils such as Teguise offer free guided walks.
Other ways to save
  • Nearly every bar, restaurant and commercial centre now offers free wifi, so you can connect and stay in touch with friends and family for nothing.
  • Lanzarote is duty free, cigarettes, perfumes and alcohol are much cheaper here. Local shops are cheaper than the airport so if you have a checked in suitcase consider purchasing in resort and packing in your case (providing you don’t exceed the allowance) as airport prices tend to be a bit higher.

We’d love to hear your money saving ideas whilst on holiday in Lanzarote, drop us a comment below.

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