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El Golfo

El Golfo is located south west of Lanzarote within the municipality of Yaiza, in the limits of Timanfaya National Park and protected from the eruptions that took place in 1730, tranquility is the premise of this small village that has a couple of shops, houses and known for its great Seafood restaurants that serve local fish and great traditional Canarian Food.

If you walk towards the end of the Village you can trekk a long way of the Timanfaya National Park thorugh the coast and have a feel of the energy of the solidified Magma.

As you enter or exit El Golfo you will find the Charco Verde, Lago Verde, Charco de los Clicos or Laguna de los Clicos, which is a lagoon included in the Natural Park of the Volcanoes that is next to the population of El Golfo, within the scope of the national park of Timanfaya on the island of Lanzarote

The lake is connected to the ocean through underground cracks and its colour comes from the abundant presence of organic particles in suspension, The term green comes from the obvious color of its waters and clicos comes from the name of an shell fish -(seafood) that used to be consumed in the area before its extinction.

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