Foodies Corner: Conejo en adobo

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Canarians quite often marinate meat before cooking. The use of vinegar and oil tends to make the meat very tender and simply adding different spices and herbs each time creates a new twist. The below recipe can be used for pretty much any type of meat. Conejo en adobo (Marinated …


The December long weekend – things to do

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Puente festivo (long weekend), Spanish for joining a holiday with another when the ‘fiestas’ occur on alternate days. Usually the Puente is used for fiestas that fall on a Tuesday or Thursday, creating a long weekend. It is exactly this that gives us the Puente on the 5 & 6 …


Foodies Corner: Alioli por favor!

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The traditional recipe for Alioli does not use eggs, it is literally just garlic, oil and salt mixed in a pestle & mortar until it is frothy and resembles mayonnaise – a lot of hard work! This way of preparing Alioli using an electric food mixer is probably the most …