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Artisan Beers in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is famous for its wine, but there’s also a good pint of craft artisan beer you must experience while on holiday. Making artisan beer is not something everyone can accomplish, and there are only one or two cerveceras (breweries) in Lanzarote.  We were lucky enough to visit Cervecera Malpeis in Tinajo and making good artisan beer is what they excel at. If you are a fan of beer this is a must visit when in Lanzarote, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the experience.

Full of distinct flavours with unique tones there are 3 different types of artisan beer made by Malpeis. Jable, a refreshing blonde beer, Bermeja (IPA), beautiful flavours and a must if you really like beer, and Rofe (Triple malt), not for the faint hearted, you have to really love your beer to like this one! Our favourites were Jable and Bermeja. Each beer is named after different types of sand and stone that are native to Lanzarote and make a refreshing change from wine on a hot afternoon!

Orlando is the brewer and proud owner, he made us incredibly welcome and took time to talk us through the processes of making each beer. If you do drop by, make sure to say hi to Orlando from us @visitlanzarote and let us know which beers were your favourites.

The Malpeis artisan brewery is located in Calle Malagueña in Tinajo, and is open to the public. Beer tastings take place Thursday to Saturday from 10 am.

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