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A day in Arrecife

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Arrecife is the Capital of Lanzarote, located in the east of the island, it’s the smallest municipality but the most populated area of the island. Over the years many improvements have been made and there are lots of interesting places to visit or simply take a stroll around this traditional coastal city and get a glimpse of how many locals live.

Here is a quick list of things to do in Arrecife.

Take a walk along Playa Reducto, this beach is located in the heart of the city and stretches for 500 meters. With white sand and calm clear water it is a very nice beach and a relaxing place to admire the beauty of the surrounding area.

Like any major city in Europe, Arrecife has a wide range of shops and renowned designer brand shops and you’ll find clothing, footwear, souvenirs, and perfume at great prices. The heart of the shopping district is the City Centre in La Calle Real, this is a pedestrianised street lined with shops, banks, restaurants and bars a bustling and vibrant place to spend time.

San Gabriel Castle/Puente de las Bolas
Located at the southern end of La Calle Real shopping area rises the San Gabriel Castle which is accessed via the Puente de las Bolas. The castle defended the city from pirates around 1574; it has a small bay where you can have a swim and enjoy the sea and views of the city of Arrecife.

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Charco de San Gines
As you walk towards the east of La Calle Real you will come upon the beautiful Charco de San Gines, an old port formed by a natural barrier with the sea. Originally, used by local fisherman, it slowly became of major relevance over the years as a shelter for fresh water vessels and goods. Nowadays it is a vibrant place of natural beauty surrounded by restaurants and bars, definitely worth checking out and enjoying a drink in one of the many terraces.

Marina Lanzarote
With a much more recent history is the Marina Lanzarote, the local marina for sport and recreational vessels, it is also a commercial center with a diverse offering. There are great restaurants, bars and shopping to take advantage of as you stroll around.

What are you waiting for, spend a day in Arrecife for a different experience of Lanzarote!